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Improving Efficiency, Safety and Patient Care with Cellma’s E Prescribing Functionality 

In the emergency department, Dr. Park faces a daily challenge of manual prescriptions and ensuring no details are missed. In the middle of critical cases, Dr. Park must make sure the patient receives quick and accurate medications as a slight misreading or forgotten note or prescription can lead to serious results. One such afternoon, Dr Park attends a patient with a severe infection needs a combination of medications to avoid further complications  

Traditionally, this would involve handwritten prescriptions and understanding scribbled notes, a process full of potential errors. The patient who is already in pain and is distressed, waits as Dr. Park writes down the prescription. The handwriting is barely understandable. The patient then takes the prescription and reaches the pharmacy but now, the pharmacist struggles to understand the writing. Due to the handwriting, he is not sure whether the dosage prescribed is 50 mg or 500 mg. The dosage needs to be confirmed again but Dr. Park now, the doctor is attending another critical patient. This causes further delay. In this confusion, the patient remains in pain.  

But with Cellma’s e-prescribing, the prescription is sent electronically to the hospital pharmacy, where it is checked for potential drug interactions and allergies. This swift process saves valuable time and enhances patient safety.   

What is E prescribing?

E-prescribing or electronic prescribing is the process where healthcare providers enter prescription information into a computer-based system to send prescriptions to pharmacies in real time. The health care providers can enter prescription information into a computer device – a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer – and securely pass on the prescription to pharmacies using software program and connectivity to a transmission network.   

When a pharmacy receives a request, it can fill the medication immediately. E-prescribing is important in improving prescription accuracy, enhancing patient safety, and reducing costs. By electronically transmitting accurate prescriptions directly to pharmacies, e-prescribing simplifies the medication and dispensing process, and it benefits both the patients and the healthcare professionals.  

 Cellma’s E-pharmacy & E-prescribing module serves electronic prescribing of pharmaceuticals from the wards or doctor’s consulting rooms, and patients can view these prescriptions via the portal or the mobile app. It enables the identification of drugs which are out of stock and those which are allowed to be prescribed. Bills can be generated for all the services via the Finance and Billing module in Cellma. Cellma’s e-prescribing supports the ability to add the reason or indication for each medication. Common indications are provided in pre-populated lists.   

Lack of e-prescribing leads to several challenges-  

As traditional prescriptions in healthcare leads to multiple challenges and affects both healthcare providers and patients e prescribing can help tackle these issues.  

Cellma's e-prescribing helps solve various challenges-

Reduces Medication Errors and Error Check:   

One of the most common issues with paper prescriptions is the chance of misreading due to bad handwriting. Cellma’s e-prescribing removes this error as it provides clear, typed prescriptions. Also, Cellma has built-in checks for potential drug interactions, allergies and incorrect dosages, which helps reduce prescribing errors.   

Enhanced Efficiency and Workflow:   

 In Cellma’s e-prescribing, automated refill requests and approvals simplify the process for patients and healthcare providers. Additionally, e-prescribing saves time for healthcare providers and pharmacists due to the easy prescribing process.   

Increased Patient Safety:   

In Cellma’s e-prescribing, the system automatically alerts providers to potential drug interactions and helps prevent adverse reactions. Cellma’s e-prescribing integrates with electronic patient records, and it provides an in-depth view of a patient’s medication history ensuring safe prescribing practices.  

Improved Prescription Accuracy:  

Cellma’s e-prescribing allows real-time access and ensures that prescribed medications are covered by the patient’s insurance. The use of standardised fields and formats reduces the chances of unintended changes and increases the accuracy of the information.   

Enhanced Patient Care:  

Patients usually get the medications and follow them when prescriptions are sent directly to the pharmacy, as this minimises the steps involved in obtaining their medications. Cellma’s e-prescribing sends reminders to patients about taking their medications and notifies them when refills are due.   

Better Data Management and Reporting:  

Cellma’s e-prescribing makes it easy to collect data and reports on prescribing patterns. In today’s digital healthcare era, accuracy, speed, and safety are important; hence, e-prescribing is necessary to improve healthcare delivery.  

Transfer of prescription: 

One of the standout features of Cellma’s e-prescribing is the ability to seamlessly transfer prescriptions to other pharmacies when the initially chosen pharmacy does not have the required medication. Hence, if a prescribed medication of a patient is out of stock at the hospital pharmacy, Cellma’s e-prescribing system quickly passes the prescription to a nearby pharmacy with available stock. This capability ensures that patients receive their medications promptly without unnecessary delays or inconvenience. 

Benefits of electronic prescription-   

E prescribing improves health care quality and patient safety by reducing medication errors. With e-prescribing, drug interactions can be checked and make health care more convenient. Additionally, e-prescribing is more convenient, low cost and safer for doctors, pharmacies and patients.   

In today’s digital healthcare era, accuracy, speed, and safety is important, and hence, e-prescribing is a necessary step towards improved healthcare delivery. 

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