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A Guide to Menopause Symptoms, Stages and Changes
Breaking Barries                         July 23, 2024

When Amber turned 48, she started noticing that her menstrual cycles were becoming irregular. Amber also found herself waking up several times at night, struggling to get back to sleep, and feeling unusually anxious and irritable during the day. As she was concerned about these changes, Amber consulted her gynaecologist,…

Optimising Obstetrics and Gynaecology Operations with Cellma 
Breaking Barries                         July 19, 2024

In hospitals, the department of obstetrics and gynaecology is always busy. Each day begins with long queues of expectant mothers and women seeking care for various gynaecological issues. The team of doctors, nurses and administrative staff of the department works dedicatedly and tirelessly. But managing patient records, scheduling appointments, maintaining…

Guide to Uterine Fibroids Symptoms, Causes and Risks. 
Breaking Barries                         July 17, 2024

Navia, a 39-year-old teacher, started experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding and chronic lower back pain. She assumed it was due to stress and long hours on her feet. But she continued experiencing these, and they affected her daily routine. After visiting her gynaecologist, Navia was informed she has uterine fibroids.  Navia’s experience highlights the…

Irregular Periods and PCOS: Symptoms, Causes and Diagnosis   
Breaking Barries                         July 24, 2024

Elsa, in her mid-20s, began noticing troubling changes in her body. She started struggling with irregular periods, severe acne, sudden weight gain and an increase in facial hair. Despite healthy diet habits and regular exercise routines, the troubling changes continued. After consulting with a specialist, she found out that she…

Uncovering Irritable Bowel Syndrome, its symptoms and causes. 
Breaking Barries                         July 19, 2024

You are doing your daily activities, but suddenly, your start having an extremely bad stomach-ache. You feel an urgent need to find a restroom, and the pain is too much to bear. For many people, this scenario is a frequent reality which is due to a condition known as irritable…

Sickle Cell Anaemia and How It Can Affect Your Family 
Breaking Barries                         July 22, 2024

Kate, a young girl, loves to join her friends in their endless games. But there are days when she can’t keep up, not because she doesn’t want to, but because her body doesn’t allow her. On these days, she is bedridden and battles extreme pain that seems to come out…

Immunizations: Take Charge Towards a Healthy Immune System  
Breaking Barries                         July 19, 2024

It is an afternoon in a crowded schoolyard. Playful shouts are all over the place, and children are chasing each other with carefree abandon. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. But what if a hidden germ is about to change everything? A child who has not been vaccinated may carry…

Albinism Insights: Types of Albinism, Causes and Symptoms.
Breaking Barries                         July 22, 2024

Have you seen someone with notably pale skin, frosty hair, and light-coloured eyes? These features are the results of albinism– a rare genetic condition.   In this blog we will look into what albinism is, its types and symptoms and how one can help or improve in managing the condition.   What…

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